take ten [phrase; command]: to pause for ten minutes; to take a break from what you are doing for ten minutes

As a travel writer, I have the privilege of seeing the world and sharing my experiences with a wide audience. I also get a lot of emails that read: "I'm going to (place), what should I see and do?"

Sometimes you just need to know where to start, right?

So, I've searched my journals, deciphered my scribbles, and scoured the screenshots of the places I know and love best to create...Take 10 Travel Guides.

What exactly are they? Thanks for asking!

Take 10 Travel Guides are bite-sized suggestions for discovering a region, city, or neighborhood. I've organized each guide into 10 easy-to-read morsels and loaded them up with links for travel planning ease.

Like destinations, each Take 10 Guide is a little different. I might recommend a favorite dish, a boutique that spotlights local makers, a scenic hike, and maybe even a touristy experience, because “touristy” isn’t always a bad word in my humble opinion.

Each Take 10 Guide is just $5* a PDF download and will point you in the right direction, tickle your travel funny bone, and encourage your own wild and curious wanderlust to take over. 

So, go ahead—Take 10 and take a look.

Happy travels!

*Payment is via PayPal or Venmo. Once guides are downloaded there are no refunds.


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