"PISA LOVES BELLA delivers a timeless lesson in celebrating individuality and extending compassion to others. Through Bella’s transformation, readers of all ages are reminded of the importance of resilience and self-love... this book is a welcome addition to children’s literature...”

-The Children's Book Review

Welcome to Pisa!

I’m thrilled you stopped by.

—I’m Bella the Bell Tower

Eight stories high!

And so begins the uplifting rhyming tale told by Bella, Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. For hundreds of years, Bella has been proud of her gravity-defying tilt. But her confidence cracks one day when she overhears mean words on the piazza. Bella responds by changing in a way that leaves residents of Pisa and visitors from around the world worried that the treasured landmark will never be the same again!

Told in fun-to-read rhyme and splashed with vibrant illustrations and Italian words and expressions, Pisa Loves Bella is a heartfelt story that celebrates travel as well as the importance of being kind to others and yourself.

Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Medal Winner

Purple Dragonfly Awards
First Place Winner For Picture Books Ages 6+

Kind words for Pisa Loves Bella

  • Corinna Cooke

    Children will love this story and its deeper message, and along the way will learn about a wonderful place in Italy through its catchy rhymes. This book is a winner!

    Corinna Cooke
    Best-selling author of the Glam Italia! series
  • Susan Van Allen

    A vibrant, delightful book that will certainly inspire a child's curiosity about Italy's famous tower, and with entertaining rhymes, delivers a profound message to all about the power of kindness and honoring who we truly are.

    Susan Van Allen
    Italy Tour Guide, Speaker, and author of 100 Places Every Woman Should Go
  • Barry Frangipane

    ...The illustrations are quite endearing, and the story is on point. I couldn't help but smile at the end. If the reader isn't careful, they might just learn a few Italian words along the way...I'm giving a copy to our granddaughter.

    Barry Frangipane
    Author of The Venice Experiment and Paris For Life
  • Joe McGee

    A wonderfully uplifting read that rolls off the tongue and wraps you up in one big hug!

    Joe McGee
    Author of the Junior Monster Scouts series, Night Frights series, and Creature Campers series
  • Dianne Hales

    ...a feast for the eye, a thrill for the ear, a joy for the soul. The vibrant and enchanting illustrations capture the charms of Italy and the big-hearted, life-affirming spirit of Italians. Readers of all ages will savor its sweetness. Brava!

    Dianne Hales
    Best-selling author of La Bella Lingua, La Passione and Mona Lisa
  • Maxine Rose Schur

    The bouncy rhymes and sly touches of humor cleverly convey an important message for young children of kindness and self-acceptance that is enhanced by lively illustrations. This is a sweet story with lots of heart.

    Maxine Rose Schur
    Award-winning author of books for children and adults
  • Elisa Parhad

    Kids and adults alike will love the playful rhymes and tongue-twirly Italian words, and cheer as the town comes together to support its loveable landmark.

    Elisa Parhad
    Author of New York Is… and Pool Party
  • Blane B.

    Important themes of kindness and how our differences make us unique are brought to life by adorable illustrations and catchy rhymes. This book makes me want to book a trip to Pisa with my son to see Bella in real life. Brava!

    Blane B.
    Mom to Dax

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Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of Kindness


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